Exchange Rates in Canadian Dollars

As at: Tue February 20, 2018

These are the rates at which we were prepared to buy and sell a number of currencies, in cash, as of approximately 8:31 am Eastern Time on Tue February 20, 2018, subject to market conditions and availability. Rates are normally posted once each weekday. Please contact us for rates for currencies not shown here.

Rates are subject to change; because exchange rates fluctuate, we cannot be responsible for discrepencies between the rates shown and those actually in effect at any time.

We Buy
We Sell
$1 Canadian Buys
Australia Dollar - AUD0.96491.06480.9391
Brazil Real - BRL0.34910.41892.3872
China Yuan - CNY0.18290.21444.6642
Denmark Kroner - DKK0.19730.22234.4984
European Central Bank Euro - EUR1.50851.60190.6243
Hong Kong Dollar - HKD0.15280.17125.8411
Japan Yen - JPY0.01140.012182.5764
Mexico Peso - MXN0.06530.072113.8658
New Zealand Dollar - NZD0.90410.98291.0174
Norway Kroner - NOK0.15200.17135.8377
Singapore Dollar - SGD0.89801.03120.9697
South Africa Rand - ZAR0.10180.11468.7260
Sweden Kronor - SEK0.14740.16616.0205
Switzerland Franc - CHF1.30741.39510.7168
Taiwan Dollar - TWD0.04100.046521.4961
Thailand Baht - THB0.03800.043223.1642
United Kingdom Pound Sterling - GBP1.72051.81310.5515
United States of America Dollar - USD1.24411.27680.7832